What’s that Green Path on Monticello Avenue?

For those curious about that newly painted, bright green path on Monticello Avenue, it’s all in the name of bicycle safety. Per Dan Clayton, Director of Public Works with the City of Williamsburg, the two-way bicycle track is highlighted using a safety green paint color which is the universal color for cycle tracks. The bright green color provides a visible safe path for cyclists. This feature is the first of its kind in the city.”

Ribbon Cutting on Monticello Ave

As a part of the Monticello Streetscape Improvement Project, the trail was recently opened in early October 2020 and has been booming with life since! This 10 foot wide and almost one-mile-long path the cycle track connects with the Monticello Avenue Trail which runs from Newtown to downtown and connects with an ever expanding network of cycling and pedestrian pathways throughout the community. Residents can feel safe using this trail, especially at night with the 24 new streetlights along the way.

We are proud to piggy back off of the City’s investment in bicycle infrastructure to accommodate over 600 bicycles throughout the development and an outdoor, all-access air pump and repair station next to Building 3. With these and other improvements, Midtown Row will be the perfect bike destination for both residents and members of the community.

Make sure to drive by and check it out! You might just want to stop and take a relaxing stroll down the trail. We’ll see you out there!

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